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Dhanashree Verma opens up on her breakup news

Dhanashree Verma opens up on her breakup news

Dhanashree Verma has rejected all speculations regarding separation from her husband, Yuzvendra Chahal. She removed her surname from Instagram, and the cricketer was also noticed posting a story regarding her new life. It created huge disarray in the cricket world, hinting at their divorce.

Putting an end to all ‘baseless’ stories, Verma says it has been hurtful to see such stories. Revealing the details, she stated that she had torn her ACI ligament, forcing her into surgery soon as she wishes to be on the dance track again.

Revealing the cause of depression, she says her thoughts have been dismaying her, and she wonders if she can carry on all activities as usual. Moreover, Chahal’s wife has thanked him for being her biggest support.

She penned,

“Here are some REAL life updates. Needed all that sleep to recover. It’s funny though, I opened my eyes feeling so confident & strong today. Something I was seeking for the past 14 days. I had completely lost confidence due to my knee injury that happened while dancing (my last reel) & I landed up tearing my ACL ligament.”

She has narrated that she has been resting at her home and also credited her close ones, including Chahal, to get out of the tough phase. Narrating the phase as the time when people spread rumours regarding Chahal’s breakup, she says it has been hurtful to see all this.

“I was trying really hard to wrap my head around this shocking news of not being able to do the basic things in life adequately. This was when I needed the most support, and this is exactly the time when people picked up some random news about us! It was pretty hateful, hence hurtful, for me to hear all of that. It was draining, saying the least.”

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