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SportsTrendsTV mission statement

A unique Canadian television channel promoting Ethnic and Canadian sports specialized in Cricket (but not limited to) in the vicinity of the Greater Toronto area, its surroundings, East Coast to West Coast.

SportsTrendsTV, providing sports organizations and businesses an exciting opportunity to showcase and promote Canadian sports events and participants by providing extensive Media coverage, which is essential in identifying the upcoming raw talent. We specialize in live event streaming for both indoor and outdoor events.



Sports Trends Team

  • Farrukh Siddiqui – Founder & CEO
  • Kamran Muzaffer – Analyst/Program Host
  • Ashar Zaidi – Presentor/Program Host
  • Arham Ahmed – Presentor/Program Host
  • Max Jeff – Program Host
  • Amna Shahabuddin – Presentor
  • Mehwish Waqarin – Presentor


SportsTrends: Committed to promote Canadian sports, specially Cricket, from East Coast to West Coast across North America by covering Canadian domestic cricket on mainstream television. Recognizing domestic players, leagues, club cricket, non-registered clubs like street cricket, tape-ball.



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