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Should IPL be scrapped up as India suffers COVID badly?

Should IPL be scrapped up as India suffers COVID badly?

Should IPL be scrapped up as India suffers COVID badly?

It is the second wave of the Coronavirus in India which is badly interrupting the country’s health scenarios. Twenty-five families in Delhi woke up with the news of losing their loved ones who died of the scarcity of oxygen in the single hospital on Friday.

With thousands of cases being reported every day, the average death in the ongoing month is around 2000-2300 per day. 22nd April records most deaths in India yet brought by the COVID as 2256 people lost their lives struggling with the virus.

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COVID, bringing breathing issues, can be minimal on risks when provided enough oxygen. But with the rising number of cases every day, the hospitals are getting shutter down with no oxygen available.

The hospitals had no option as they took out billboards saying ‘no more admission in hospitals due to unavailability of oxygen.

Should IPL be scrapped up as India suffers COVID badly?

Not only Delhi but major areas of Central India are running short on Oxygen as the number of COVID cases rises to an immeasurable extent.

On one hand, where the people are struggling with their lives, the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) is determined to commence the Indian Premier League (IPL 2021) in a full fledge with no truncation.

The 60-match tournament is running in as many as six venues in India. Either it could have been kept limited to a single venue or even called off considering the health and travel situation.

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In seventeen matches coiled up yet, four IPL players have been tested positive. There might be a few off-screened cases as well but there is no clear hint on shifting the venues or discarding the event as of now.

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